Recently, I had the honor of participating in the first ever Anoka County CAT’s Honorary Clergymen’s Brunch, and boy was it wonderful!

On a cold, rainy March morning, Anoka County pastors were greeted by the Anoka County Restore MN members for the first “Honorary Clergymen’s Brunch”. The smell of cinnamon rolls, egg bake, and Swedish pancakes wafted in the air as conversation brewed. The tables were draped with white linens and a Minnesota themed centerpiece of white pine and the Minnesota State flag. The Restore MN emblem and mission statement were used as placemats, along with a gift of a coaster, which had been cut from an oak log and stamped with art and scripture. There was even a photo op corner with an American flag flanked by two five foot pine trees! Credit to Colleen and Barb who specialize in artistic event planning.

Dale Witherington opened with a prayer and pledge then the feast was on. We enjoyed conversation with new friends and learned about activities the Anoka county CAT is involved with. Gene shared how he is developing a school release program with a Christian school, who will provide students busing to attend a weekly one hour Bible study, during the school hours. Pastor’s engaged in conversation of the needs of their congregation and stories of celebration. It was a chance for the Anoka county Restore team to identify the needs of our county and clergymen and ways we can support each other.

Then, we were blessed to hear a fun and inspiring message from Pastor Dale Witherington. Dale engaged the crowd and inquired of their questions. He dove into God’s calling to engage in the “Seven Mountains of Influence”, one of them being government, and how we are called to hold our elected officials accountable for moral legislation. We learned what the Bible taught on Biblical citizenship and how we can apply God’s word to our life. God used Dale to empower and equip us to take action in local government.

Although the group was small, it was definitely an opportunity to network and spread the message of Restore MN and its mission. There was also information shared about this group’s concurrent project of teaching Biblical citizenship classes! Amanda and her team including Gene, Barb and Colleen truly inspired me! They are small but mighty!


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