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Transitions, even positive ones, can sometimes be challenging and important pieces can fall through the cracks. […]
We spent the last year building a network of God’s people who would mobilize to restore […]
The best place to find the answer to this question is at our Restore Minnesota website. […]
It’s Time to Flip Hello Restore Minnesota CAT Patriots! We are now just under one week […]
This is a word document that you can download and edit to update information about your CAT. RMN-Brochure-Dan-3-Column-7.11.22Download
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Much concern is being expressed about amendments the Biden administration sent to the World Health Organization […]
You and I are witnessing history unfold with the possible reversal of Roe v. Wade. With […]
Purpose Restore Minnesota exists to promote Biblical citizenship to the people of Minnesota that educates, equips, empowers and encourages Holy Spirit led engagement in our local communities in order to restore righteousness, protect liberty, ignite hope, provide leadership and preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage. Mission Our mission is to Restore Righteousness in Minnesota – county by […]
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