Washington County Town Hall Recap June 26th Washington County had a great Town Hall at River […]
“In 1606, the King of England approved the First Virginia Charter to send people and cargo […]

Diane Smith is a firecracker. She is deeply concerned about the liberal push to expose children to pornographic material in public schools. After several attempts to request the removal of the books failed, Diane went “Mama Bear”. The first attempt was at the school board meeting. They rejected the idea and labelled Diane as a […]

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As published by the Minnesota Reformer, May 2023 When an organization such as the Minnesota Reformer […]
Source: Alpha News Dems pass most ‘radical abortion law in nation,’ but they’re not done yet […]
Restore Minnesota continues to partner with true American patriots in order to strengthen families and protect […]
Hello Friends: Dale Witherington here with RestoreMN. Today is Tuesday, March 1, 2022. Today’s commentary is […]
Praying in Rotunda
For several years it was our habit to gather together in the Rotunda at the State […]
Minnesota Governor Candidate Forum
Six Declared Republican Candidates Attend Elk River Forum On Saturday morning, December 4, a Minnesota Governor […]


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