It’s Time to Flip Hello Restore Minnesota CAT Patriots! We are now just under one week […]
Much concern is being expressed about amendments the Biden administration sent to the World Health Organization […]
Happy Easter, Jesus is Alive!! DOWNLOAD THE CHOSEN APP
As the three major religions of the world – Christianity, Judaism and Islam – celebrate one […]
My thanks to Gabriel Hays and Fox News for sharing the New York Times opinion piece […]
George Soros
George Soros and his ilk are demonstrating once again they are active enemies of the United […]
Whatever happened to human decency? Whatever happened to law? Whatever happened to justice? Whatever happened to […]
Apparently, Dane County supervisor, Heidi Wegleitner, has forgotten she represents America and Americans. Whether her intentions […]
Apparently, the answer is “No!” if your child goes to school within the Eau Claire Area […]
Restore Minnesota continues to partner with true American patriots in order to strengthen families and protect […]


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