MN Legislation is Violating Religious Liberty when it comes to the Transgender Movement and Faith-Based Institutions.  Call to […]

Diane Smith is a firecracker. She is deeply concerned about the liberal push to expose children to pornographic material in public schools. After several attempts to request the removal of the books failed, Diane went “Mama Bear”. The first attempt was at the school board meeting. They rejected the idea and labelled Diane as a […]

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Let’s review the steps to engagement as laid out in the Restore Minnesota Purpose Statement. They […]
“It can’t get much worse. The last of the last days must be upon us. Jesus […]
This article comes from a zoom call hosted by or it’s education group. Tanya Simons […]
Source: Alpha News Dems pass most ‘radical abortion law in nation,’ but they’re not done yet […]
All of us have heard of the military phrase “rules of engagement” which lays out acceptable […]
Have you ever been part of an organization, perhaps even the company at which you work, […]
At Restore Minnesota, we work to restore biblical leadership community by community.  This is a great […]


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