All of us have heard of the military phrase “rules of engagement” which lays out acceptable combat tactics when in warfare with the enemy.  This article addresses “steps to engagement” which are spoken of in the Restore Minnesota Purpose Statement. While not intended to be militaristic, these steps are a way for us to be better prepared to engage in the cultural war of good versus evil being fought on so many different fronts. We are truly in a present battle to save our children, our freedoms, our state, and our republic.

That Purpose Statement says:

Restore Minnesota exists to promote Biblical citizenship to the people of Minnesota that educates, equips, empowers and encourages Holy Spirit-led engagement in our local communities in order to restore righteousness, protect liberty, ignite hope, provide leadership, and preserve our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Let’s explore together these steps to engagement that will help us fulfill the Restore Minnesota Mission Statement:

to restore righteousness to our state (with the help of Community Action Teams) county by county, community by community, and family by family – through spiritual and civic transformation based on the gospel message of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.


This is the first step. The basic definition of Educate is to provide with information. Another definition takes it a bit further and says Educate is to give intellectual, moral, and social instruction to someone (typically at a school or university). The definition used pervasively by our public and private institutions of education (or perhaps we should say institutions of indoctrination), is to persuade or condition to feel, believe, or act in a desired way. We have come to realize that these “educational institutions” have been molding, persuading, and conditioning our youth into the Socialist/Marxist/Communist ideology for decades upon decades. This is a key reason for the sad state of our society today. We are also now aware that this relentless push of indoctrination has infiltrated all of what we call the Seven Mountains of Cultural Influence (family – church – government – education – business – media – arts & entertainment) and must be countered with accurate information about Biblical, historical, and cultural truth.

So, Restore Minnesota exists to provide information (to educate) through our website, this newsletter and other communications, the promotion of Biblical Citizenship and Constitution courses, and the regular meetings of Community Action Teams (CAT) throughout the counties of our state. At the CAT meetings: we invite well-informed speakers on many relevant topics, group leaders teach on current issues, and group discussions allow opportunity for critical thinking, debate, and spiritual application.

There have been SO MANY expressions of gratitude directed to me and other leaders in Restore Minnesota for purposing to speak to these concerns and issues and help bring awareness of how prevalent they are in our communities, counties, state, and nation. Those comments go something like this:

  • I had NO IDEA what CRT was about.
  • I DIDN’T REALIZE that sex education was so graphic and is pushed on our elementary age kids.
  • I had NO CLUE that the U.N. Agenda 2030 is being pushed down to the Township level of local government.
  • I DIDN’T KNOW that Minnesota is one of the top “trafficking” states in the country.
  • And so on …


The next step to Engagement is to Equip, which simply means to make ready or prepare. Expanding that definition just a little … to Equip can mean preparing someone mentally for a particular situation or task.

There are a number of ways we see that applied to Restore Minnesota and our Community Action Teams. First, being equipped infers that there is a grasp of educational information that has been presented, going from just hearing to knowing. It also indicates learning how to access pertinent resources (including documents and people).

Equip is the step that leads to the formation of Task Forces within a CAT that will address specific issues or concerns in a community. Examples are: Intercession, Education, Local Government, Election Integrity, and others. (Note: more information about CAT Task Forces will come in future articles.)

Once there is a grasp of accurate information and the awareness of how to access available resources, we find an interesting third step develop in individuals and often in whole groups. That step is …


This word can mean to give someone official or legal authority. While Restore Minnesota and the CATs do not have civic authority to give, there are numerous individual and state rights that we must become familiar with through study of our Federal and State Constitutions. Also, there is a spiritual application of the concept of authority to consider as believers in Jesus Christ. For our purposes of this discussion, the definition of Empower most fitting is to know one has the freedom and confidence to do something.

Knowing we have the freedom to do something is one thing, but having the confidence to do something that perhaps you’ve never done before can kick one’s resolve to make a difference into a new gear. I observe that individuals getting to this step have a look of confidence about them. I hear a determination in their voice. As a leader, it is extremely rewarding to watch people come up to this step. I also know they won’t stay here very long. They are about ready to engage.

At the Empower step, the Task Forces move forward with the development of ideas, strategies, and action items to help mobilize the Community Action Team to interact, influence, and impact the community in that area of concern. They will help the whole group engage where it will have the most effect.

Next time I will address the last of the Steps to Engagement …

Encourage Holy Spirit-led Engagement


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