This was the question posed to me by several members of our Community Action Teams (CATs) following the results of the 2022 elections. The answer is an easy one: We stay on task. We stay on mission.

Philippians 1:12 says, “I want you to know, dear ones, what has happened to me has not hindered, but helped my ministry of preaching the gospel, causing it to expand and spread to many people” (TPT).

Life’s circumstances do not dictate the way we live our lives. Our lives are meant to be lived intentionally, on purpose, toward a mission we are called to accomplish. Here is our challenge: We are part of a mission that will not be completed until Christ returns. What if He doesn’t return for another 100, 200, 500 years or more?

We must not become “soft” Christians living in a manner that essentially is an escape from the world. We are not called to escape the world but to engage it. Like the Apostle Paul, we are called to advance the gospel and, when we cannot advance, we are to stand firm and not give back territory we have already taken. Read Ephesians 6 and James 1:2-4 in addition to Philippians 1 to better understand our call to “restore righteousness in Minnesota”.

Through all of you, Restore Minnesota will stay in the fight to return our culture to the Biblical morality upon which we were founded as a nation. We will stand firm at all times, advance when we can with truth, boldness and courage.

We will “engage in business” and “occupy until He comes” (Luke 19:13).

Continue to stand. And, when you have done all, stand firm.


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