Dale Witherington Chief Steward of Restore Minnesota and Chaplin to the Minnesota Legislature.  The Lord is going to restore righteousness in Minnesota.  The question is what’s the role of the Church going to be?  We hold a weekly bible study with Minnesota Legislators.  We have been studying how to discover God’s calling in your life.

Bible Study With Minnesota Legislators

This group has been studying for 3 years.  What is the purpose and vision in life.  How do you discover it and pursue it.  We were excited about the prospect of a red wave in the 2022 elections.  We got a red wave of socialist red.  We now have a trifecta in the Minnesota legislature of socialist policies. In 2013 the marriage bill was passed (what were the others)

2014 MN Safe and Supportive School Act – Anti bullying bill.

It had little to do with bullying.  When it passed it opened the door to biological men using women’s bathrooms, playing on women’s sports teams, see rise in the trans-gender movement, and pedafiles wanting the same rights as the LGBT community.    Those 4 bills correspond to 18 of the 35 goals for turning our country into a socialist party.

Last summer we fought against PELSBE.  The licensing board that licenses teachers.  It requires all teachers to teach Marxist philosophy and sex education.  In the public comment 70 of the 77 speakers opposed the rules.  We still lost.

What kind of world will we leave our grandchildren?  Just because you are retiring does not mean you get to retire.  The word retirement is not found in the bible.  As long as you have breath God has a purpose for you in His kingdom and expects you to carry out his work.


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