I was going to call this article, “It’s a Wrap” but we are just getting started!

Last Friday and Saturday, about 100 Christian patriots gathered for Restore Minnesota’s “Strengthening the Core” event at Park Harbor Church in St. Louis Park featuring Kendall and Sheila Qualls of TakeCharge, North Metro’s Speech Communication Coach, Marti Ackland and State Representative Walter Hudson.

Based on the feedback, the event was a rousing success!

Mr. Kendall Qualls kicked off the weekend with his compelling presentation, “Rebuilding America’s Families” which provided a detailed analytical approach to what our government’s policies since the 1960’s have done to attack and weaken America’s Black, Hispanic and Caucasian families. His talk reinforced the vital work being done by Restore Minnesota’s many Community Action Teams (CATs) throughout the state as we were reenergized to stay engaged in the fight for America’s families.

Saturday was workshop day in the morning and commissioning day in the afternoon.

Dale Witherington set up the morning’s schedule with his talk, “Biblical Citizenship in a Non-Biblical World”. Pastor Dale’s talk, a part of his course “Dangerous Christianity,” helps Christians not only know what Biblical Citizenship is but also how to apply it in their lives and communities.

Ms. Sheila Qualls built on her husband’s presentation from the previous night with her high-energy and often animated presentation from her recent Alpha News series, “TRAPPED! Chaos in the Classroom”. Sheila was able to provide specific, detailed accounts on what recent legislation in Minnesota has done to contribute to chaos, disorder and reduced safety in Minnesota’s public schools around the state. Attendees were furiously taking notes in order to take them back to their CATs for implementable strategies into their communities.

Ms. Marti Ackland, who has helped hundreds of Minnesotans in the past 25+ years prepare for and win speech competitions, gave practical tips to improve one’s abilities in making 3-minute talks before school boards, city councils, county commissions and legislative committees. Her guidance was enthusiastically received and appreciated.

State Representative Walter Hudson wrapped up the Saturday morning session by helping us understand the inner workings of the governmental system while weaving his personal story throughout. Walter’s electric presentation pulled people in as he gave them hope and encouragement for the future.

After a great lunch break, about 40 gathered in the worship center for not quite two hours. We worshipped the Lord together and set as the climax the commissioning of every person in the room into the ministry into which he or she has been called. It was a powerful time of interaction with God and each other.

An event like this would never have happened without significant help and leadership from several people. Chief of these is Brenda Remus who did a remarkable job of organizing the Friday night, Saturday morning and Saturday afternoon meals. To Brenda, Holly Knox, Tim Polson and the volunteer kitchen serving crew, we all say again, “THANK YOU!”

We also want to thank all of our guest speakers/presenters, Kendall, Sheila, Marti and Walter for their time and thoughtfulness in making their presentations exactly what we needed.

Thank you, too, to Senior Pastor Bob Christenson and Worship Pastor Jason Bradley not only for making Park Harbor available to us for this event, but also for being present at all that we did. Your support was palpable and extremely appreciated.

Most of all, thank you to all who attended, got engaged in the weekend and so generously gave, not only to Restore Minnesota, but also to TakeCharge and to the launching of Restore Minnesota Action, our new 501 c 4 ministry division. More on that later.

As I said at the top, I was going to call this “It’s a Wrap”. But we’re not wrapping anything. We are just getting started!

Thanks and God bless you all as we fight together to Restore Righteousness in Minnesota!



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