It’s Time to Flip

Hello Restore Minnesota CAT Patriots!

We are now just under one week out from the 2022 midterm elections. These elections will prove to be historic for America.

Especially when Minnesota flips.

No, I do not have a crystal ball. Nor am I sitting at the controls of some technological instrument with the ability to manipulate votes. I am merely stating my hopes and optimism.

I’m also not just talking about flipping politically.

Yes, since June we have all been more heavily involved in the processes available to us to register as voters, and to sign-up as election judges, poll challengers, and observers of both the election night counting process as well as the post-election review process. All of these are worthy and, in my opinion, necessary pieces of what it takes to have a free, fair and secure election on November 8.

The ”flipping” to which I refer is a flip that returns our nation – county by county, community by community, family by family – to a willing submission under the leadership not of a legislator, governor, president or judge, but to the King of kings (and governors and presidents), the Lord Jesus Christ. That flip is the purpose for which Restore Minnesota exists.

Imagine what it will look like in your “backyard” when righteousness is restored. We’ll be living in peace, safety, prosperity and security.

Ultimately, isn’t that what all of us want?

For Faith, Families and Freedom –

Dale Witherington, Chief Steward Restore Minnesota


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