Apparently, Dane County supervisor, Heidi Wegleitner, has forgotten she represents America and Americans. Whether her intentions come from an empathetic but ignorant heart, or whether her intentions are pure evil, is not for us to say.

Pledge of Allegiance USA

The comments made by this supervisor reflect the anti-American sentiment and training provided by groups such as the Communist Party USA and the equally evilly-driven un-American Freedom From Religion Foundation. Both of these organizations do what anti-American hate groups do with excellence, namely, they take seemingly wholesome words, such as “inclusivity” and”representative,” and they twist them to create new meanings to feed their anti-American sentiment.

It is time to replace supervisors like this from elected office at every level and replace them with Constitution-supporting Americans.

Wisconsin county supervisor wants Pledge of Allegiance gone, says it’s not ‘inclusive’ WATCH FOX NEWS

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