How Should Pastors and Churches Respond?

On September 22, 2021, Family Research Council hosted an important and timely webinar entitled “Vaccine Mandate: How Should Pastors and Churches Respond”.

Hosted by FRC President Tony Perkins, the hour-long webinar featured legal experts David Cortman and Bob Destro, as well as FRC Fellow Owen Strachan from FRC’s Center for a Biblical Worldview.

Here are some highlights from the webinar

  • Citing Matthew 22:21, Strachan addressed the issues of limited government and personal jurisdictional authority. The conclusion here is the mandate is governmental overreach and Christians not only maintain the freedom to choose but also have the right not to be forced into action that violates their conscience.
  • Bob Destro moved the argument from a “simple” religious liberty, religious exemption point of view to a full blown human rights issue. At stake is the fundamental equality of all people before the law. It is a Constitutional matter of the consent of the governed and not a legitimate action of the government. In fact, Destro pointed out there is nothing in the law that allows the President to legally mandate this order. Bottom line: People cannot be legally, constitutionally forced to vaccinate.
  • David Cortman, legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, pointed out the difference between a government mandate versus an ultimatum coming from a business or corporation. According to Cortman, the government issue is a Constitutional one, whereas the employers issue is a statutory one. Either way, individual liberties are legally guaranteed and must not be allowed to be encroached upon.
  • Kudos to Strachan for tackling the “love your neighbor” issue with biblical forthrightness and clarity. Key point: Loving our neighbor does not mean following falsehood. We stand for truth, freedom of dignity and freedom of conscience while maintaining an attitude of doing all we can to live among others in grace and truth, whether or not we are in agreement.
  • Suggestions for how to respond when others, even employers, asked whether or not you’ve been vaccinated are:
    • Who wants to know?
    • Why do you need to know?
    • How are you treating other people?

Rise up and stand!

Finally, recognize this debate is NOT just about a vaccine. It is about your freedoms versus being under the oppressive thumb of tyranny. Ultimately, we are in a war against evil.

It is time for pastors, churches, Christians, indeed all Americans to stand up for religious and individual freedoms, and stand against the agenda of evil.

Pastors, this is NOT simply about politics. It’s about your freedom to preach the gospel. There is no longer room to ride the fence. There is no longer tolerance to fear who might leave your church and take their tithes and offerings with them. There is no longer an excuse (if there ever was) to fear your board more than you fear the Lord.

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